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We specialise in boiler installations and we are based in Nottinghamshire.
We have a solution for everyone, offering many ways to get a new boiler installed for less.
You could get a new boiler installed with no money upfront, no deposit and maybe even at no cost at all depending on your circumstances.

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Boiler Installation

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Gas Safe Engineer's

All our Plumber's are Gas Safe Registered and work to the highest standard's. Here's our company Gas Safe registration number 566429.

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Branded Boiler's

We fit the leading makes of boilers to ensure you get the best installation possible.

NICEIC qualified electrician's

Qualified Electrician's

Our plumbers dont mess with your electric's we have our own NICEIC registered electrician's to make sure your safe. Our registration number is 033613.

fast boiler installation's

Swift Installation

We won't leave you out in the cold, we can usually get your boiler installed the very same week.Boiler installation usually done in a day.

Branded Boilers

ideal boilers

Ideal Boiler's

Reliability as standard - Ideal Boiler's have been making boilers for over 100 years and have won a Queen's award for Enterprise.

Worcester bosh boilers


Worcester Bosh was founded in 1962 and make's excellent gas boiler's.For the fourth year running the entire range of Worcester Greenstar gas boilers have been awarded Which? Best Buy award.

baxi boiler's

Baxi Boiler's

Baxi boiler's offer a wide range of model's and output's for any heating and hot water requirement. All boiler's are backed by Baxi Customer Support, their award-winning customer service department.

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Glow Worm Boiler's

With over 75 year's of commitment to top quality, reliability and exceptional durability making Glow-worm one of the UK’s leading boiler manufacturer's.

Vaillant boiler


For over 140 years Vaillant has led the way in developing and manufacturing innovative heating and hot water systems.

Domestic Boiler Systems

heat only boilers

Heat Only Boilers

Sometimes called traditional or gas boilers these boilers are most useful in homes with multiple bathrooms and ensuite's. The big limitation with these boilers is that they are limited by the amount of hot water the cylinder can store. The size of the hot water cylinder will depend on how much hot water you can run before you have to wait for it to heat the water in the cylinder again. The other downside to a heat only is that they will heat up a full cylinder of water every day and then keep it warm by reheating it just incase you want hot water, which is a waste of gas. These systems don't run on mains pressure which means showers are not as flowing and it will take longer to fill a bath. The heat only boiler comprises of a boiler (sometimes hidden behind a gas fire) a hot water cylinder (usually in an ayring cupboard or loft) and additional headder tanks usually made of plastic.

combi boilers

Combi Boilers

The combination boiler usually knowns as a combi boiler is the solution to the problems and inefficiency of a heat only boiler. They take up much less space as everything is integrated inside the combi boiler and they don't require a hot water cylinder as they only heat the water as it is required. Most properties will suit a combi boiler system as its only downfall is its ability to supply several bathroom's at the same time with hot water. If you do have multiple bathrooms that may be used at the same time this would require the boiler to heat water much faster to keep up with demand. With any combi boiler you will loose water pressure if more than one hot tap or shower is in use at a time. A combi boiler is a single unit with everything built into it.

system boilers

System Boilers

The system boiler holds the key to the best of both worlds it stores water like a heat only boiler but doesn't require expansion tanks and a lot of the components are intergrated. This type of boiler has a pressure vessel to give a higher pressure to make showers better and fill baths quicker. Also an electric immersion element can be used to heat water during times when the boiler has not been programmed to operate. This boiler system comprises of the boiler, hot water cylinder and possibly zone valves depending on how your homes pipes are run.

The Benefits of a new Boiler

efficient boiler in your home

Warmer Home

With a new a rated condensing boiler you will heat your home up without the fear off the gas bill that follow's. Optional heating control's can also be fitted making sure your home isn't over or under heated and only warm while your at home. All these small thigs make a big difference and can add up to massive saving's

lower gas bill

Reduce Your Gas Bill

Old inefficient boilers use far more gas than is needed to heat your home. A new A rated Condensing boiler will create heat more efficiently using far less gas. Once installed you can expect your gas bill to fall by up to 40%.

no problems with your new boiler

Piece Of Mind

In the same way that modern cars break down less a new A rated boiler will also have been designed using newer technology and improved reliability. Our boiler's come with upto a 10 year guarentee which cover's you for part's and labour.

boiler funding
Green Deal Funding
boiler finance

Free Boiler

Funding is available if your on certain benefit's or your Tenant is.
If the benefit entitlement letter is addressed to the property any occupant can claim the funding.
For any homeowner or landlord you could get a new boiler fitted at minimal cost or sometimes at no cost at all !
If you are a tenant, tell your landlord, They may be entitled to funding towards a new boiler, It could half your Gas bill's !!
See if you quailify for a Free Boiler here...

Get Your Green Deal

The Green Deal is a new Government scheme designed for Homeowner's, Landlord's and Tenant's to reduce their energy bill's.
The Government will fund your new boiler if the savings on your Gas bill will be significant enough.
Best of all with this funding there is no money to pay out upfront.
See how you can benefit from a Green Deal...

Boiler Finance

Just want to pay for your boiler thats ok, but if you need Finance then we can help with that too.
With low rates and a quick turn around this could be an ideal solution for anybody who needs a boiler fast.
Find out about our affordable Boiler Finance here...

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Get your Gas bill's down today,

You may not be aware of just how much gas your boiler is waisting but if it's more than 5 year's old then it's probably a lot.

Old back boiler's were only 60% - 65% efficent when they were new, fitting a new A rated condensing boiler at around 90% efficiency could half your gas bill.

See if you qualify for Boiler funding here...